Public Conservatories

Public Conservatories

Oak Leaf Conservatories proudly presents our Domed Building Conservatories & existing architectural features.

Conservatory in Yorkshire, England

The conservatory at Broughton Hall in Yorkshire, England is one of the most precious and unusual in the world, dating from 1853. The original dome was replaced with this masterpiece by Oak Leaf Conservatories.

Historic Buildings

An Ivy League University commissioned this project for the President’s residence, which required design sensitivity to protect the character of this Historic building. Oak Leaf has achieved wide recognition in this specialty area with years of experience with historic structures.

Solid Roof Conservatories

This grand conservatory at a premier Southern University provides an elegant yet comfortable entertaining space for special events. Solid roof areas protect against intense sun while special solar control side glass still maintains a light-filled interior.

Highly Detailed Design

Oak Leaf replicated a 19th Century guardhouse, now located at public5 Square in Philadelphia, PA, based on old photographs and drawings of the original. The period details include many hand carvings.

Renovated Listed Building

Developers of Hartford Hall, Eshott Homes, commissioned Oak Leaf to carefully replicate the original conservatory with its 20′ diameter dome. Meticulous attention to the detail of the historic structure was combined with modern methods.

Award Winning Conservatories

One of several award winning displays at the world renowned Chelsea Flower Show in London bears testament to the careful planning and attention to detail employed on all Oak Leaf projects.

Elegant Garden Room

An Oak Leaf conservatory was the centerpiece at the fifth annual Rockefeller Center Flower and Garden Show in New York. Thousands admired this radiant habitat with its alluring gardens and interior.

Dining Room Conservatory Extension

A conservatory as an additional dining room to the Boat House Restaurant at the Beetle Wedge affords views of the River Thames. The large expanses of glass and 180° opening windows provide all the diners a choice table.