Glass Houses

The Art of the Conservatory

The history of the conservatory is an established and illustrious one, an expression of advanced technology since the golden age of the glasshouse, the Victorian era.

The art of glass house gardening evolved with the emergence of the conservatory as its most glorious manifestation. The conservatory was conceived as an attempt to marry the grand glass house with the grand Victorian home by following its architectural lines. These buildings of status were relaxed yet elegant rooms containing decorative plant specimens collected from around the world. Britain led the way in the design and execution of these fabulous structures.

Oak Leaf Conservatories Ltd., has its roots firmly planted in the historic city of York, England, and proudly continues this British tradition with bespoke hardwood conservatories, garden rooms and orangeries that reflect the wealth of experience, skills and traditional craftsmanship that it has inherited. Our British artisans and craftsmen are proud of what they do and that pride shows in the special hand-built creations that we design, make and install.

Oak Leaf is committed to creating a worldwide renaissance of these fantastic buildings with projects undertaken throughout the UK, US, and Continental Europe. Each unique design and specification is developed to attend to customer’s special needs and fulfill their aspirations as well as meet any challenging conditions. Classic proportions and empathy with existing architectural features, mouldings and details are given particular attention with only premium hardwood specified.

The people who commission an Oak Leaf Conservatory tend to have a discerning eye for detail and for beauty in their life and in their concept of what they want in a garden room. Oak Leaf’s hallmark is realizing this vision of the conservatory as a work of art and our recognition of the difference that quality in design, workmanship, materials, attention to detail, and service can make in the final product.