Interior/Intimate Spaces

Interior/Intimate Conservatories

Oak Leaf Conservatories proudly continues the British tradition of creating and designing multiple types of conservatories.

Creating Intimate Spaces

A place to celebrate the energy of the garden even on a gray Seattle day. The conservatory allows the owner to read until dusk without lights and provides the essential acoustics when the owner plays her violin.

Exotic Plant Room

A freestanding orangery used as a traditional plant haven offers a quiet respite for afternoon tea and relaxation. The addition of a clerestory accommodates taller plants and gives grander proportions to the space.

Multi-Purpose Conservatory

This conservatory boasts space for casual dining plus comfortable quarters ideal for reading and entertaining. All of the doors and windows have insect screens to enjoy the scents and sounds of the garden day or night.

Special Clerestory Windows

Part shelter, part garden where specimen plants bloom all winter. Circular beveled glass in the clerestory and lantern sashes produce colorful rays of light that compliment the hues of the flowers and furnishings.

Casual yet Classic Conservatory

By opening the existing house to the conservatory, the glass roof transforms the family room and kitchen areas by illuminating previously dark rooms and adding spectacular garden views. The glass lantern roof is the crowning touch to the conservatory.

Four Season Conservatory

High performance glass, radiant floor and forced air heat, air conditioning and shades provide a comfortable interior environment in every season. Built-in roller insect screens on the side windows and 2 double doors screens bring the outdoors in.

Bespoke Traditional Garden Room

The classic proportions integrate with the home’s traditional architectural features. The conservatory extends the living space providing a relaxed yet elegant Garden Room to seamlessly blend with the extensive gardens and terrace and to enjoy a river view.

Conservatory Blinds

Intimate spaces for diverse uses are created in the grand conservatory by the deliberate placement of large potted plants. Pinoleum shades provide dappled light and privacy.