Unique Design

Creating a Unique Design

Each unique design and specification is developed to meet any challenging conditions, attend to customer’s special needs and fulfill their aspirations. Classic proportions with existing architectural features, mouldings and details are given particular attention. We work directly with the customer or we will be happy to review your architect or designer’s schematic drawing for feasibility and budget pricing.

Oak Leaf designers pay special attention to each customer’s unique situation especially the intended use of the conservatory. Oak Leaf integrates the design of the conservatory with the family’s lifestyle.  Our years of experience enable us to provide each client the best guidance and counsel needed to methodically and effortlessly maneuver through the myriad of decisions that arise through the entire process.  We would be pleased to accept your commission for your own Oak Leaf Conservatory. Feel free to contact us for information regarding the design proposal fee and complete process.

Oak Leaf’s custom built conservatories begin as a conceptual outline giving particular attention to the existing architectural features, mouldings and details of the house. Our designers study the site, photographs of the house and architectural drawings (if available), with the goal of harmonizing the conservatory with its surroundings. Guidance concerning local climate and exposure of the conservatory, site conditions, glazing considerations, ventilation, shading and maintenance are important to the end design.

The comprehensive proposal will be presented to the customer complete with an all-inclusive estimate for the particular design. Following the confirmed order and site survey, a Senior Project Manager will orchestrate the progression of the project and coordinate each step of the way until the desired result is achieved.  The Oak Leaf service runs the gamut from engineering per the local building regulations, custom working drawings on CAD, final individual specification, procurement of the specific materials for each project, and manufacturing of the hardwood structure, to site delivery and installation by British Craftsmen.