Domed Conservatories

Custom Domed Conservatories

Oak Leaf Conservatories proudly presents our Domed Building Conservatories & existing architectural features.

Fantastic Domed Buildings

This domed conservatory exemplifies the imagination, quality and fine craftsmanship for which Oak Leaf is renowned. The exquisite curved glass dome towers over the curved rotunda. The building is framed by full-length 10″ diameter round columns.

Custom Domed Conservatory

An intricate steel framework allowed the glass dome to float above the space unobstructed by internal columns. The other roof areas are standing seam copper with paneled interior ceiling punctuated by light beaming from the dome.

Classical Domed Poolhouse

This unique creation emerged from a specific design idea voiced by the customer. The freestanding domed conservatory overlooking the swimming pool fulfills their dream of a soothing environment for exercise and meditation.

Spectacular Glass Dome

A spectacular glass dome is the crowning element to an existing structure creating a dramatic effect day and night. The motorized sashes in the upstand of the dome provide ventilation.

Renovated Listed Building

Developers of Hartford Hall, Eshott Homes, commissioned Oak Leaf to carefully replicate the original conservatory with its 20′ diameter dome. Meticulous attention to the detail of the historic structure was combined with modern methods.

Bespoked Domed Orchid House

Special features include curved joinery in the dome at the main and cupola ring beams and handmade fish-scale patterned lead finish on the cupola roof. The substantial cornice includes a hidden gutter within lined with lead in the traditional manner.

Tinted Glass Dome with Cupola

Each individual curved glass dome can have many permutations including size and shape, curvature of glass and number of segments. Customize further with a cupola, finial, upstand with operable sashes or solid panels, and glass specification.

Curved Double Glazed Roof

A 40′ radius curved glass domed roof over the lounge area on a grand sized new home fulfills the owner’s quest for a creation that is comfortable, beautiful and top quality.