Oak Leaf Conservatories

Oak Leaf is a specialist designer and manufacturer of elegant bespoke hardwood conservatories.

Oak Leaf Excellence

Glass House Conservatories

The history of the conservatory is an established and illustrious one, an expression of advanced technology since the golden age of the glasshouse, the Victorian era.

Unique Design


Custom Conservatories

Custom Designed Conservatories to fit your needs.

Each unique design and specification is developed to meet any challenging conditions, attend to customer’s special needs and fulfill their aspirations. Classic proportions with existing architectural features, mouldings and details are given particular attention. We work directly with the customer or we will be happy to review your architect or designer’s schematic drawing for feasibility and budget pricing.



Oak Leaf Conservatories proudly continues the British tradition of bespoke conservatories, garden rooms and orangeries using mahogany and high performance double-glazing. Each structure is a unique design with classic proportions, finely detailed to suit individual requirements & existing architectural features.


Hardwood Orangeries

An orangery is a style of Garden Room often incorporating solid masonry walls or substantial eave and soffit detail, typically with an inset glazed roof reminiscent of historic structures. The paint colour scheme accents the cornice and columns.


Domed Conservatories

This domed conservatory exemplifies the imagination, quality and fine craftsmanship for which Oak Leaf is renowned. The exquisite curved glass dome towers over the curved rotunda. The building is framed by full-length 10" diameter round columns.


The Public Eye

The conservatory at Broughton Hall in Yorkshire, England is one of the most precious and unusual in the world, dating from 1853. The original dome was replaced with this masterpiece by Oak Leaf Conservatories.



A place to celebrate the energy of the garden even on a gray Seattle day. The conservatory allows the owner to read until dusk without lights and provides the essential acoustics when the owner plays her violin.


Inspirations under Glass

Two story height gives a grand appearance externally and internally and permeates the entire kitchen wing with light. The octagonal configuration provides a panoramic view of the extensive estate gardens from all aspects of the open-plan kitchen.


Out of the Ordinary

The 2-story height is in proportion with this grand listed property. The timber cornice mirrors the house design incorporating a lead lined gutter. Substantial full height columns emphasize the structure while the slim glazing bars provide a delicate effect.


More Conservatories

Nearly two storeys high, this conservatory accommodates a balcony off the second floor guest suite. Double corner columns anchor this grand structure. Significant mouldings at the eaves and mid level correspond to the limestone moulding on the house.

Oak Leaf Conservatories, Ltd.

Oak Leaf is a specialist designer and manufacturer of elegant bespoke hardwood conservatories, orangeries and garden rooms with projects undertaken throughout the UK, North America, and Continental Europe.

We hope our website provides you with inspiration for your own project whilst attesting to the clarity of design, attention to detail, exceptional quality and craftsmanship of each unique and bespoke Oak Leaf garden building.

Oak Leaf’s Unsurpassed Excellence

Oak Leaf provides a comprehensive in-house service from design conception to completion. This includes a full design service and taking your project through all planning consent procedures required in the UK, structural engineering to building regulations and pertinent standards and building codes for the respective location, complete working drawings and technical specification, full project management, in-house manufacturing and installation carried out by our own highly skilled craftsmen. We believe our specification to be exceptional and unsurpassed in the marketplace.

Design Imperative

Superior designs are infused with imagination, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail. Each Oak Leaf building is unique with individual specification developed to accommodate the customer’s specific project and their personal needs to fulfill their aspirations. Our team has combined experience in both technical mastery and a fine aesthetic sense.

Classic proportions and empathy with existing architectural features, mouldings, and details are given particular attention. A sophisticated contemporary style can also be achieved with clean, simple yet timeless detailing.

Craftsmanship and Quality

We use the word ‘manufacture’ very loosely indeed. Each and every Oak Leaf conservatory is hand built, and hand finished. Oak Leaf’s’ extensive experience and genuine passion for detailing and building conservatories prevails in the superb designs we attain, the unsurpassed quality we demand, and the traditional skills and established techniques of York based craftsmen we rely on to execute the finest buildings our customers are proud to own.

A premium grade Mahogany species of hardwood is specified for each conservatory, orangery, and garden room. This is procured from a source that promotes and implements good forest management.

An International dimension

While the trends in design, the building requirements and other aspects may vary by location, quality and craftsmanship are the common threads in each one of our hardwood structures wherever their location in the UK, Europe or the United States.

Conservatory extensions and renovations to listed buildings in the UK must meet strict requirements. We co-ordinate consents with clients and local authorities for historically significant buildings for a smooth transition throughout the whole process to project completion. Our fine moulded glazing bar sashes with double-glazing were developed to meet demand. The designs carry a unique softness, character and warmth that is appropriate within their unique setting.

Of late the trend in Great Britain favours an airy, spacious, uncomplicated, clean, minimalist style. Oak Leaf can easily accommodate this style and create a design that will retain its ‘contemporary’ genus over the passage of time.

Prior to Oak Leaf’s expansion to the United States, the concept of the classical glass house was unknown….but that has now changed. For a significant amount of our projects in the US, newly built estate homes incorporate the latest technology for the infrastructure, but from a design standpoint maintain the refinement of classic architecture found in the historic structures throughout the UK and Europe. The conservatory is quite often ‘designed in’ to a new home or substantial renovation.

Rest assured that the logistics of importation to North America is handled flawlessly by our staff on your behalf.

A Space for all reasons

There are as many uses for a conservatory, orangery or garden room as there are endless design possibilities. Extensions to houses to increase living space could include kitchen, dining room, family room, lounge with fireplace, play room, hobby room, artist studio, music room, luxurious bath, swimming pool enclosure, cabana room, home spa, meditation room, home office, link way, gate house, and sun room to name a few.  The distinction between the inside and outside becomes a blurred impression with a classical hardwood garden building used as an exotic plant room to house orchids, ferns, palms, or other greenhouse plants.  Imaginative glass enclosures can be created for a use as a wedding chapel, banquet hall, storefront, kiosk, extending a restaurant or pub, or a mere folly.  A glass roof, whether a curved glass domed roof, lantern roof, or cupola can serve as the crowning touch of a traditional or contemporary conservatory or used as a separate architectural element on an existing structure.  Whatever the use, the glass building arises equally from the house and the landscape with its ethereal quality creating a dramatic effect day and night.